Rock Climbing at Squaw Point:

What is Chautauqua Famous For?

It’s not what you might think. For years, it was a hidden gem among Western New Yorkers. Chautauqua County is home to many famous Buffalo restaurants, theater productions, and historical sites, but there are several attractions that are well off the beaten path for most Buffalonians. Now anyone can take advantage of these unique spots in Chautauqua County.

Trout fishing:

Just a short drive from Chautauqua is the best place to cast a line and reel in some of the most prize-worthy trout in Western New York. The Allegheny Reservoir, located near Silver Creek and Mayville, offers ample shoreline access for fishermen and no boat launching fees. The reservoir is currently filled with rainbows, browns and brooks.

With a water surface of 1,300 acres and 100 miles of shoreline, the Allegheny Reservoir offers plenty of space to find that perfect spot to cast your line.

Rock Climbing at Squaw Point:

Located just past Chautauqua Lake in Mayville is one of the most unique rock climbing attractions in Western New York. At Squaw Point, you can scale high up to discover some spectacular views overlooking Chautauqua Lake and the surrounding area. The cliff face extends for over 200 feet above the water, offering visitors plenty of space for adventurous feats.

Salt mining at Stinson Beach:

The Stinson Beach area near Mayville is one of the most unique attractions Chautauqua County has to offer. Visitors can take a guided tour through the salt mines, which were originally excavated in 1894 and are now on the National Register of Historic Places. These caverns stretch nearly five miles out under Lake Erie.

Wind surfing at Squaw Point:

The Lake Erie shoreline near Mayville is a hotspot for speedsters and adrenaline junky wind surfers. The shallow, but powerful waves at the point attract wind-sport athletes from all over Western New York and beyond to ride “The Point” into Lake Erie.

Finger Lakes wines:

Chautauqua County is home to several wineries between Ellery and Mayville. The area is known for its beautiful scenery, rich history and world-renowned wines. Over 15 different wineries dot the terrain in close proximity. Stop by one of the local vineyards on your next visit to taste some premium New York State vintages

Camping on Chautauqua Lake:

The mile-long stretch of sand on Chautauqua Lake is a prime camping spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Campers can sleep under the stars while enjoying full hookups and near-exclusivity of the beautiful Chautauqua lakefront.

Lake fishing at Kettle Creek:

A favorite among bass and walleye anglers, Kettle Creek offers visitors unparalleled access to the number one freshwater game fish in New York State. The creek stretches out under a canopy of trees for roughly 70 miles from Lake Erie through Chautauqua County to its mouth at Lake Ontario. Hikers can take advantage of the Kettle Creek State Forest, which features one of the most beautiful trails in Chautauqua County.

Unexplored caves near Cassadaga:

For over 100 years, visitors to Chautauqua County have had direct access to some jaw-dropping natural wonders that are completely off-limits throughout much of Western New York. The caves surrounding the Cassadaga Spiritualist community are completely untouched and unexplored, making them one of Chautauqua County’s best-kept secrets. This is an adventure for adventurers who like to make new discoveries

Fishing at Sunset Point:

One of the most beautiful spots in all of Chautauqua County is Sunset Point, a small peninsula near Cassadaga. The area offers ample shoreline access for fishing and picnicking families with young children. What makes Sunset Point so special is the view of Chautauqua Lake, which can be seen from almost every angle along the peninsula’s rocky shores.

Chautauqua County is a beautiful place to visit and explore. Whether you’re into fishing, hiking, or simply looking for some peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Chautauqua has something for everyone. Be sure to stop by one of the many wineries on your next trip here – they are known worldwide as excellent vintages!

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